Online Menu Ordering
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OnlineMenuOrdering allows
restaurant patrons to order and pay
for takeout and delivery online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
Online Menu Ordering charges a nominal one-time fee of $199.95 (if month-to-month plan) to set up the website and enter all the menu items. Then, there is a very affordable monthly hosting fee of $49.95, and we DO NOT charge a percentage of your sales.

If you elect to have your orders sent by FAX, there is a $0.18 per order charge for the fax. Included is the easy-to-use Store Builder, the full e-commerce back-end that provides real-time, fully PCI compliant credit card processing*, the customer database,  and the hosting of the web site. There are no contracts to sign or long-term commitments.  You pay month to month and may cancel at any time.

Per-location costs will be significantly discounted for multiple locations depending on the number of locations and the configuration of the application to accomodate your business model.

  If you do not already have a domain name, there is a $20.00 fee to register your name.  
*Merchant account fees are additional. See "What about credit card processing" below.

Does the restaurant have to have a computer to receive orders?
No.  Your customer orders are received by FAX from our servers to your store location.  A computer is not necessary in the restaurant, just an inexpensive FAX machine. There is a fax charge of $0.12 per order sent.

You can also receive orders by any or all of the following ways:

How do I get going?
It's fast and it's easy.  Just call a customer representative at 1-310-429-9364 and then fax us your menu - we do all the rest!.


What happens after my account is opened?

Your menu will be set up and will be accessible under a temporary address like "" where you will be able to approve the work. If you are comfortable with basic computer usage, you can make chantes to the menu items into the store yourself through our easy-to-use Store Manager.  Your temporary site transfers to your permanent site once your domain name is registered, or you link to the "" from your existing website if you have one. 

Do I have to set up my site myself?

No.  Most of our customers prefer to have one of our staff designers do it for them.  Our designers enter your menu items and customize your site to your specifications.  You may provide logos, art work, graphics, photos and menus.  Our staff designers will work closely with you to ensure that your menu items are correctly displayed with all available ordering options fully and accurately set out.  


There is a one-time fee starting at $199.95 to set up your site and we do everything, just fax us your menu. if you wish to expand the design of your website at any time in the future, the services of our affiliate website design professionals are available at very reasonable rates.  Contact one of our customer representatives to find out about these options.

Who is Online Menu Ordering?
Online Menu Ordering is a division of NewLevel Computing, d.b.a Powerful Hosting (  Powerful Hosting is a leader in building and hosting e-commerce applications, using cutting edge, tested technology. The Online Menu Ordering application has been specifically designed for the restaurant industry to bring to the public the ability to place orders online from your restaurant menu.  The Online Menu Ordering application is built on the same technology now being used by hundreds of online merchants, some of whom receive thousands of orders per day with sales volume in the $1,000,000+/month range.

Does Online Menu Ordering work through a 3rd party website?

No.  The website featuring the Online Menu Ordering application is accessed through your own domain name, or through your own company's Corporate website.


What about my website name?

If you already own a domain name, Online Menu Ordering is setup and hosted under that name. If you need to secure your domain name, Powerful Hosting will register the name for you.  A $20.00 annual registration fee is charged to your account.  If you are a franchise, or individual restaurant owner with a corporate umbrella, Online Menu Ordering will be set up to be accessed through the corporate website for your individual location.


What about multiple locations?
Online Menu Ordering is designed to work for any restaurant, large or small, or for a restaurant chain with an unlimited number of locations.  For chains and  franchises, a number of interesting options are available.  Please contact an account representative at 1-310-429-9364 for details.

What about a website for my business?

An Online Menu Ordering account serves as your business website, all for the same low monthly fee. In addition to your on-line menu items, the website features your store logo, photos of your restaurant, menu items, etc. or any other information you wish to make available on the Internet such as restaurant location, map, contact information, or history of the restaurant. 


What if I already have a webite?
If your individual business already has a website, you can save money by transferring your website files to your Online Menu Ordering account and canceling your hosting account at your current provider. Your website will then be hosted in the same place where your Online Menu Ordering store is hosted and will appear the same in every aspect.  Moving your hosting account does not change your web address, or how your customers access your site. 


Or, you may continue to have your current website hosted where ever you like and link your Online Menu Ordering site seamlessly to it.  All that is required is an Order Online link in your current site.  For franchises and independently-owned corporate restaurants, the Online Menu Ordering site links in this manner to the individual store location on the Corporate website.


Note that if your current site requires NT hosting (i.e., uses .asp pages) the option of transferring the site to Powerful Hosting is not available.  Your Online Menu Ordering account, however, can still be linked to it as stated above.  

Must my restaurant have an existing website to do this?
No. Online Menu Ordering serves as your online ordering site and your complete company website as well, all at the same time and for no additional cost.  You may put as many pages of information as you like on your site subject to a 150MB disk space limit. Additional disk space above 150MB is available at a $0.49 per MB.  Website content and menu items for most restaurants, however, easily fit within the basic allotted disk space of 150 MB.

Can I set a minimum dollar amount per order?

What about sales tax?
The Online Menu Ordering checkout page is set to automatically calculate and charge state sales tax to the order or not, depending on the requirements of your location.

What about credit card processing?
Online Menu Ordering provides real-time credit card processing.  At checkout, a customer enters their personal information and their credit card information.  The credit card is automatically validated to check that adequate funds are available and that the card is valid.  If the card is invalid for any reason, the sale is rejected.  If the card is valid, you receive the order by FAX (or email) and a hold is put on the customer's credit card for that amount.  At the end of the day, the batch of orders you receive is closed, and funds are transferred to your business checking account through your credit card merchant account. Generally, your existing retail credit card merchant account can not be used for Internet sales.

Powerful Hosting partners with to provide Internet merchant accounts including real-time card verification (processing gateway) that meets all PCI standards.

Can I accept orders without credit cards?
Yes.  Although real-time credit card processing is one of Online Menu Ordering's strongest features, you may set up the store to allow customers to order  entirely without a credit card, or to use a credit card to secure the order and then pay cash at the time of pickup or delivery.

What if a menu item changes?

A very important feature of Online Menu Ordering is the ease and flexibility provided to add, change or remove in real time any menu item, anytime, anywhere, from any computer.  All menu changes are available in real time.  There is a comprehensive User Manual available. if you don't choose to "do it yourself", we have specialists available to make updates and changes for you at a modest hourly rate.


Can I post Daily Specials?

Yes, it only takes seconds.


What if I run out of an item?

Any menu item can be marked as Sold Out, or temporarily removed from the site automatically when inventory is marked as zero.


What if we don't deliver?
Online Menu Ordering can be set to allow for customer pickup only, or to offer an option of pickup or delivery.  

Can I automatically add a delivery charge for delivery orders?
Yes. You can set the store to charge a delivery fee that is automatically added to the total if the Delivery option has been selected.

What if my fax machine is busy?
When a customer places an order, a FAX is automatically generated with all the order information.  If your fax machine is busy, Online Menu Ordering will attempt to send the FAX 4 more times over the next 10 minutes.  (An email may also be sent to your email address with the order information.)

Can I be notified of a fax arrival?
Yes. We can automatically send a text message to a cell phone or page a pager. There is no additional charge for this service.

How are fraudulent orders prevented?
If you take advantage of Online Menu Ordering's real-time credit card processing capability, ordering with an invalid credit card is impossible. You may also employ advanced fraud protection measures provided by your gateway like, etc. 

What is the customer database?
Would you like to promote a featured menu item or monthly special to your customers? It's easy with Online Menu Ordering.  One of Online Menu Ordering's most valuable features is the customer database that is automatically created when customers place an online order.  All of their customer information (name, address, phone, email address, etc.) including a detail on the specific items ordered is retained in the customer database., The customer database is easily accessible to generate an email promotion to all customers, or to any selected customer group.  In addition, you may export the data to Excel or any other data base

Can I sell items other than the food items offered on my menu?

Yes.  Online Menu Ordering is a full-featured e-commerce website.  You can sell tee shirts, mugs, specially packaged food products, or any other items you care to offer.  Offering items other than menu items may incur an additional monthly charge as follows: $19.95/mo up to 10 items; 39.95/mo up 50 items; and $79.95/mo. to offer an unlimited number of items.


How about reliability?  Can my site be down?
Online Menu Ordering's servers are located directly on the internet backbone in a state-of-the-art data center. The network is a completely transit free meaning that all routes throughout the Internet are seen. The core network equipment is located in a carrier neutral facility where many Teir One Internet Service Providers have points of presence.

The facility is staffed with 24x7 technical support personnel and video camera surveillance- all designed to bring a greater sense of ease and security to all our clients. We currently have a 500 Gallon Holt Diesel generator with 850 Kilowatts worth of capacity to keep machines and critical network infrastructure running for 36 hours in case of power outage or flap. In case of Extended (beyond 36 hours) outage we have refills available within a 2 hour window. The generator does a self test once per week and a representative performs a physical service check once per month to ensure maximum reliability. Testing and physical checks are performed twice per week and twice per month during the summer months when electric outages are more prominent.  Powerful Hosting servers have an uptime record of 99.8%

What about customer support?
Powerful Hosting is committed to providing the best possible support for customers who need assistance.

Customer Support is defined as the technical support we provide for our core application (the eStore) and server infrastructure.  If your site is down due to issues related to a malfunction of one of our servers, or a malfunction of the Online Menu Ordering software (a bug), we'll fix it as soon as humanly possible.  Our servers are monitored and managed by on-site technical personnel 24/7 and response to critical server malfunctions and eStore outages will be immediate at any time, day or night.


Response times to software malfunctions of a non-critical nature (other than site down entirely) will vary based on the nature of the problem and the extent to which it affects the business viability of your website. For  example, a glitch that prevents customers from ordering on a site will receive attention before a formatting issue that affects the appearance of the site, such as the placement of a graphic image on a page. 


If a bug is not affecting the business viability of the site and a reasonable alternative is provided, ultimate resolution of the issue may be scheduled for an upcoming software upgrade release.   Support technicians are available during business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time) at 310-664-0565, and is subject to the specifics of Powerful Hosting's overall Support Policy as set forth in the software User Agreement.


The Online Menu Ordering eStore is initially created and configured with a standard graphic look, layout and functionality which includes your store name and logo.  You may easily modify this configuration through the use of The Store Manager. The Store Manager is the basic user interface and its use does not require knowledge of web design or HTML.  It does require a basic understanding of computer usage and familiarity with the functionality of basic computer applications such as Microsoft Word or similar word processing programs.

The Online Menu Ordering Store Manager allows you to:

Powerful Hosting provides an extensive online User Manual in a printable format. See User Manual. We recognize that not all customers have the time or inclination to study the User Manual.  Therefore, Support relative to content adequately covered in the User Manual is available at a nominal hourly rate.  If you intend to set up your store and menu items yourself, we also strongly recommend a one-hour online/telephone orientation session which is provided by a Online Menu Ordering support representative for a one-time fee of $50.00.


Additionally, further step-by-step instructions for working with the Online Menu Ordering Store interfaces (functions) are provided while in the management mode. Go to Settings>>Tutorials.
Powerful Hosting also provides Customer design and programming assistance, which is defined as advice or actual work performed relative to the graphic look, layout, or functionality of your site beyond what can be accomplished through the basic Store Manager interface. Customer design/programming assistance is provided on an hourly fee or per-project basis depending on the nature of the work needed.  Please contact your Account Representative or Support to discuss any special projects of this nature.


How do I contact Online Menu Ordering and Powerful Hosting?


Call 1-310-429-9364 for general account management and technical support.


Call 1-310-429-9364 for assistance with setting up an account or with updating or making changes in your Online Menu Ordering store.