Online Menu Ordering
Now Fully iPhone Compatible!
OnlineMenuOrdering allows
restaurant patrons to order and pay
for takeout and delivery online.

Tel: 1-310-429-9364
What our customers have to say...

"We believe to service our customers and have an competitive edge... Online ordering is a must for our restaurants. Thanks OMO for making this easy." ...Sandella's Flatbread Cafe - Walter Damilowski, Dir. of Oper. & Franchise Dev.
Rosti Tuscan Kitchen is an Online Menu Ordering customer "It's been a pleasure working with the crew with On Line Menu ordering. They are helpful, patient and always willing to go the extra mile in handling our many requests."
... Sue Edelman, Marketing - Rosti Restaurants

"Fantastic ROI -Very affordable. OMO team is creative & helpful too... Every restaurant should do this!"... Dolly's Pizza - Frank Bowers, Director Franchise Operations

Natalee Thai is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We have two restaurants online now and the volume coming from the online menus is truly amazing. It's generating more business and saving us time and energy at the same time. We love it."
... Natalee Thai Restaurants, Celina, Manager

"Our customers deserve the best value for their dollar spent, with out complication.  The OMO team of professionals delivered the goods!  They had us up and running, in quick order, and without complication.  The ease of use of their program, their flexable staff and the professional manner in which they handled our menu changes, hosting and helpful insights made our life much easier. Choose the OMO team for your online ordering won't be sorry you did, Seriously... it's a no brainer!"  ... Mike Raymond, Owner GRPD.

Emporium Thai is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We've been a customer for over 3 years and have watched our online business grow. The site is user-friendly and OMO's customer service is great."
... Emporium Thai Cuisine - John Sungkamee, Owner

"With little effort online ordering sales are very good." ... Carbones Bloomington, MN - John, Manager
Patty's Pizza is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We thought this would be a major project to get done, but really, it was easy. The guys at OMO basically handled the whole thing and happened without a hitch. "
... Patty's Gourmet Pizza - Patricia Phillips (Member board of directors, California Restaurant Assn.)
Gaucho Grill is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We're happy with Online Menu Ordering. Frankly, we were surpised at the amount of business we did with very little promotion when we started. We're planning on expanding promotional efforts as this is a great source of business for us and the customers like it."
... Gaucho Grill Restaurants - Ricardo, Dir. of Marketing

"I have 2 locations doing online ordering with POS integration... WOW love it. Within seconds of order placement we have the order in our POS terminal."  .... Barry Fogel, Owner (2) Jacopos Pizza locations in Los Angeles
Tito's Tacos is an Online Menu Ordering customer "This service is wonderful, so easy, we love it."
... Titos Tacos - Lynne Davidson (Member board of directors, California Restaurant Assn.)
Pitfire Pizza is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We have been working with Online Menu Ordering for about 5 months now. They are incredibly thorough in the process of getting your system up in running. We also found Online Menu Ordering to be very responsive - when ever we have a question or concern they are very expedient in getting back to us and often have great ideas/suggestions in how to resolve the situation. Over all, we are very pleased with the service."
... Pitfire Pizza (3 locations) - Deidre Hopp Director of Marketing & Sales
Yangtze is an Online Menu Ordering customer "We're doing an amazing amount of business on the internet now, and the process has been trouble-free. The onlinemenuordering staff is always there to help whenever we need them - it's been a good experience all around for us."
... Yangtze Restaurant - Nisa, Manager

"We are getting more orders everyday... So easy too implement".  ... Sia, Owner NYPP

Frankie and Johnnie's is an Online Menu Ordering customer "They're great to work with over there at Online Menu Ordering - and the customers really like being able to order without using the phone."
... Frankie & Johnnie's New York Pizza - Nick, Owner

"We think this is good for all our franchisee's...  Hope more will come on board soon!" .... Rick, Area Manager

"Since late 2004... The orders just keep arriving - our customers find us without any marketing effort." ... Sean, Asst Mgr.